A Tutorial with Ben Langmead's Bioinformatics Videos

JHU professor Ben Langmead developed an informative bioinformatics course through Coursera. In January 2016, we wrote about it, along with his interview, in “Inside story of a great bioinformatics MOOC (an interview with Ben Langmead)”.

All his videos related to the course are on youtube, and they are very helpful for anyone willing to learn the subject on his own. I have been developing a tutorial with those videos and my additional notes. You can play the videos and see the notes below in the same page. One problem with video lectures is that you may already know some parts and like to skip, but you do not want to miss something important. The notes are expected to help you in doing that. Also, they may help you in quickly finding a specific lecture later.

In the tutorial, I am also nicely arranging all related topics together in a book format so that you can follow them easily. Following the order at youtube channel is not as easy IMHO. What I also plan to do is to combine videos from Pevzner’s course on the same topic together with Langmead’s course so that you can play two different videos one after another and learn the topic better.

Please take a look here. It is on the left sidebar in bioinformatics courses section at the link ‘Langmead Course’.

Now you have no excuse to not know all bioinformatics algorithms by heart :)

Added - 3/9/2017

Another Tutorial - This Time on Pevzner’s Videos

They are here on the left sidebar in bioinformatics courses section at the link ‘Pevzner Course’. I am still in the process of annotating the sets, including cross-linking similar sections.

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