SPAdes Assembler Team is Looking for Help to Improve Assembler

I got a request from Dmitry Antipov on behalf of SPAdes development team. Please pass it to anyone, who may have the kind of data they are looking for to make this amazing genome assembler even better !!

SPAdes team is looking for medium-sized genome data for test purpose.

In the purpose of improving SPAdes genome assembler we look for new

datasets to test our work. Currently we highly need Illumina

sequencing data with following properties:

1) We are interested in genomes with size between 50 and 500 Mb.

2) We need at least one mate-pair and one paired-end Illumina libraries.

3) To evaluate our assemblies we need an appropriate reference genome

(not just some scaffolds with N50 ~ 10K)

4) Reference genome and, especially, all sequencing data should

correspond to the same strain.

5) The heterozygosity level should be relatively small.

We guarantee that the data will not be transferred to anyone outside

SPAdes developing team.

If you have such data (either published or not) and ready to help us

to make SPAdes assembler better, please contact us by mail

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