Sequencing That Stimulates The Sensors (Fascinating Ted Talk by David Eccles)


My TEDxWellington 2016 talk is now available for viewing on YouTube:

I think this is the first live demonstration of nanopore sequencing outside ONTs own demonstrations, with the additional point that everything was done on stage from sample loading to result analysis*. The pass sequences generated from the sequencing run that happened during my talk (including raw signal) can be found here:

  • Well everything was done on stage during the dress rehearsal the day before. On the day, the sample loading was done slightly off-stage to not distract other speakers, and the BLAST search was done using dress rehearsal sequences because it took a bit longer than a minute for the first raw sequence to come back to the computer. I did do a BLAST search on the actual sequences about 5 minutes after my talk finished in front of a couple of audience members.

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