Jonathan Pevsner's Popular Bioinformatics Textbook Released in Third Edition

This Article is Sponsored by Wiley The book ‘Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics’ by Professor Jonathan Pevsner of Johns Hopkins University is packed with information. Dr. Pevsner not only covers algorithms, but also discusses various web-based tools for accessing and analyzing data. Given that those websites change rapidly and some even go obsolete, the author developed a companion site at to keep track of the links mentioned in the book.


This book is organized into three parts. In part I (Chapters 1-7), we introduce the field of bioinformatics. Topics include access to sequence (and other) data, pairwise sequence alignment, BLAST and other methods of searching databases, multiple sequence alignment, and phylogeny. In part II (Chapters 8-14), we discuss functional genomics, moving from DNA (including next- generation sequencing) to RNA (including RNAseq) to protein. Part III (Chapters 15-21) describes the tree of life from a genomics perspective, including chapters on viruses, bacteria and archaea, and the eukaryotes. Practically, I have used this textbook in teaching two courses: an introduction to bioinformatics (Chapters 1-14) and a course on genomics in which we survey the tree of life (Chapters 15-21).

Those interested in learning more about ‘Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics’ may take a look at the chapter below, shared by the publisher Wiley for our readers. Also, you can go over selected pages from the entire book at this google preview link. To purchase your own copy, please go here.

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