The Best Way to Understand Algorithms

The Best Way to Understand Algorithms

Reader KC asked:

I also tried to learn alignment algorithms, and I read some papers from Nature Reviews. But I was still confused after reading those papers.

I couldnt learn alignment algorithms as good as you. You know the development of alignment algorithms, and you know intuitive feeling of the algorithm development. I am a lot interested in how your learn, how you find the ideas behind alignment algorithms.

Thanks Kevin for the compliment !!

The best way to understand the algorithms is to use Feynman approach, which is to stop reading papers and try very hard to design your own algorithm. Imagine there is nothing out there and you are the first person to solve the problem.

Maybe you will find something really clever or maybe you will not, but the process will orient your brain in such a way that when you go back to read papers, you will appreciate the cleverness of other solutions very quickly.

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