A Generation Lost in the Bazaar

Often I download newly published bioinformatics programs or libraries from the github into my Windows laptop and try to compile them within its Cygwin UNIX environment. Over the years, I noticed that those C/C++ codes tend to fall into two distinct categories -

Is '23 and Me' Misleading its Jewish Customers on Ancestry?

‘Fake news’ - step aside. Now we got allegations of ‘fake ancestry’.

Time to Shrink the National Institute of Health (NIH)?

In his recent budget, President Trump proposed to reduce taxes wasted in the NIH Money Pit sinkhole by twenty percent. Such a big cut will most likely not be approved by the Congress, because the political stars are aligning against it. The economic stars, on the other hand, are aligned in favor of drastic reduction of NIH funding in the coming years. We explained why in a post written four years ago. Shutting down parts of NIH, or even the entire agency, will not be an unmitigated disaster for science, and if at all, will be beneficial. We made an appeal to close NHGRI in “Let’s Discuss - Is it Time to Shut Down NHGRI?” and also wrote - “How Much Will the Americans Suffer, If NIH Shuts Down?”.

Is Google Tweaking Search Results to Block Our Posts Critical of NIH Director?

Every once in a while, we use Google search to find links to old posts in our blog. The method seemed to have worked without failure until today. Today we were looking for an earlier post critical of a paper by Francis Collins and Google never gave us the link, no matter how hard we searched for it. It is noteworthy that even after typing the entire title and adding ‘’ on the search box, we do not find the relevant post anywhere in the first several pages of the Google results. Is some organization paying Google to block our posts critical of NIH? We present the evidence from four search engines (google, duckduckgo, bing, yahoo). You explain what is going on.

Gullible's Troubles

Apologies to the readers for not being able to make this week’s scheduled posts. Instead I am posting an entertaining essay on the birth of molecular biology. It is from a autobiographical book published in 1976. Any guessing the author will earn 99.99 points :).

Upgrade to the blog

We are back after making extensive changes to the blog software being used here. Most important among the changes, we got rid of Wordpress and made a commitment to never use Wordpress again. Wordpress is easy to install, but nightmare to maintain with its entire panoply of buggy plugins. Moreover, it sucks up time by failing at the most unfortunate times.

Suicide Epidemic: Since NIH-funded Clowns Do Not Want to Discuss It, We Will

A large number of NIH-funded parasites waste taxpayers’ money with the excuse that they are working toward improving the health of Americans. Francis Collins, the head of NIH, uses every opportunity to tell everyone how research funded by NIH helps in improving the life expectancy of Americans (a flat out lie). Yet, when research by Deaton and Case uncovered that the life expectancy of Americans of prime age (45-54) was falling, primarily due to rising suicides, Collins and his minions went completely silent.

Was Google Really Censoring Elhaik's Khazar Research in 2013?

In 2013, Dr. Elhaik complained about his home page at John Hopkins University mysteriously disappearing from google searches right after his first Jewish genomics paper started to gain attention. We reproduced his complaint here, and then his page came back on top again after a few days.

The Wall Will be Built and Mexico Will Pay for It

…to stop Americans from flooding their effective and way cheaper healthcare system.

Epigenetics Debacle - Do You Feel Sad for Sid Mukherjee?

Geopolitics - Several New Developments Will Define the World in the Coming

Freedom of Speech

Peak Sequencing and 'Moore's Law' Deception

Our earlier article on Illumina’s surprise announcement received a number of informative comments. We like to discuss them here, but first it is important to explain the term ‘peak sequencing’ properly. That explanation requires us to discuss the relevance of using Moore’s law for sequencing.

Someone Asked Francis Collins about the Retraction Boom. Here is What he Did

Experts Puzzled about Massive Increase in Suicide among Americans. Here is

UC Berkeley Needs at Least 18% Layoffs Soon to Survive

We have been following the deficit saga of UC Berkeley closely, because it is a trend-setting university. That means every major university in this country will have to follow similar course sooner or later. You can see our previous posts on this topic here, here and here.

When Venter Goes IPO

Many many years back, there was a short period, when investors became crazy about IPOs of biotech companies promising the moon.

Higher Education Is Morally & Financially Bankrupt

Retweets and Social Media Impressions Do Not Mean Truth

Dedicated to ‘altmetrics’ God -

Clinton Emails Reveal Google Played Active Role in Trying to Overthrow Syrian

When, in the past, we argued that google was a truly evil company, our readers disagreed. Newly released evidences suggest our assertion was correct.

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