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Jonathan Pevsner's Popular Bioinformatics Textbook Released in Third Edition

This Article is Sponsored by Wiley The book ‘Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics’ by Professor Jonathan Pevsner of Johns Hopkins University is packed with information. Dr. Pevsner not only covers algorithms, but also discusses various web-based tools for accessing and analyzing data. Given that those websites change rapidly and some even go obsolete, the author developed a companion site at bioinfbook.org to keep track of the links mentioned in the book.

Approaching Single-Cell Sequencing by Understanding NGS Library Complexity

A Must Read Book, If You Like to Understand Genomes

Over the last two weeks, I have been reading a fascinating book that came out recently and would like to strongly recommend it to our readers. This book, written by Caltech professor Eric Davidson and his former student Isabelle Peter, is one of those rare gems that will continue to influence researchers many decades from today.

New Book: RNA-seq Data Analysis: A Practical Approach

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Finding Causative Mutation Candidates in Rare Disease Studies using NextGENe's Variant Comparison Tool

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New CNV Algorithm in NextGENe v2.3.4

This application note is sponsored by SoftGenetics LLC. Please click here to read a pdf copy with better quality figures.

Whitepaper - Accelerated BLAST Performance with Tera-BLAST, a comparison of FPGA versus GPU and CPU BLAST implementations

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Book Chapter - Genome Reconstruction: A Puzzle with a Billion Pieces

Readers may enjoy an excerpt of a book written by Phillip Compeau and Pavel A. Pevzner. The section on Eulearian and Hamiltonian cycle is very well-written for beginners and experts alike. Please click on the figure to go directly to the book chapter.