'Top Five Bioinformatics Innovations of 2012' Contest

'Top Five Bioinformatics Innovations of 2012' Contest

Dear Readers,

During the year, we wrote nearly 300 commentaries presenting various developments in bioinformatics. Now that the year is almost over, we would like to review them all and identify the five most important contributions. We understand that we were not able to cover many major contributions in our blog commentaries. Therefore, please feel free to submit your suggestions so that we have a complete list of innovations to consider.

Here are the rules.

1. We will consider all types of major contributions and not just papers published in journals. For example, developments such as Rosalind will be included in the contest. Haldane’s Sieve is also an innovative concept worthy of consideration.

2. Speaking of papers, we are ready to look into everything including journal submission, arxiv submission and conference papers.

3. We will consider all of your suggestions made on or before Jan 4. Please feel free to suggest your own work or work of others, and explain why it is the best discovery in bioinformatics.

4. After Jan 4, we will make a large list of developments based on our blog commentaries over the year and your suggestions, and shortlist twenty from them. Those twenty will be critically examined, and a ranked list of best five will be posted around Jan 10.

5. If you think any major discovery was better than those five, please feel free to submit a comment explaining why.

Any question?

Please feel free to forward this message to others, who would be interested.

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