mMass - Open Source Tool for Analyzing Mass Spec Data

mMass - Open Source Tool for Analyzing Mass Spec Data


Readers comfortable with installing and running open-source programs may look at this program for analyzing mass spec data. We never used the program, but got curious after seeing it mentioned in a blog. The program seems to have plenty have features.

Mass Spectrum Viewer

Easy Navigation, Gel View, Normalized View, Spectrum Flipping, Spectrum Ruler, Label Tools

Data Processing Tools

Calibration, Peak Picking, De-isotoping, Deconvolution, Baseline Correction, Smoothing, Math Operations, Crop Data, Batch Processing

Low-Mass Tools

Mass Calculator, Mass To Formula, Compounds Search

Proteomic Tools

Sequence Editor, Modifications, Digestion, Fragmentation, Protein ID, HDX Tools

Peak Lists Tools

Peak Differences, Compare Peak Lists, Spectrum Generator

Useful reference:

mMass as a Software Tool for the Annotation of Cyclic Peptide Tandem Mass Spe ctra

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