Tutorial Section Coming

Tutorial Section Coming

During the last two years, we posted nearly 400 bioinformatics-related commentaries. This has the effect of us not being able to quickly find old topics we are looking for, and we are sure you are equally lost. Google was of no help for older posts. Blog format values recency over long-term value, and Google’s search engines also gives more weight to recency. We tried playing with tags, tag clouds and categories to tidy things up a bit, but had to give up.

Being frustrated, we decided to build a tutorial section to repost some introductory topics. That way, it will be easy to read the discussions sequentially like a book. The existing blog posts will stay where they are and will not be removed.

We will start by creating tutorials on de Bruijn graphs and search algorithms, and will then set up other assembly-related topics. If there is enough interest, we can host Chinese translation of the same topics separately. What is a good translator?

The final stage of a genome project and setting up tutorials kept us busy, and we could not spend much time on figuring out SOAPdenovo and other assemblers. We will get back to that work after sending out the genome paper.

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