Many Good Slides at MSU NGS Analysis Workshop

Many Good Slides at MSU NGS Analysis Workshop

It is a pleasure to see genome and transcriptome assembly algorithms covered extensively in MSU NGS Analysis Workshop, whereas assembly algorithms used to the exclusive domains of genome centers in the earlier days. We wrote our de Bruijn graph tutorial after having the same realization that next-gen sequencing would break the genome center model, and make researchers interested into doing actual assemblies.

Rayan Chikhi’s slides on “Advanced genome assembly” and “Slightly more advanced genome assembly” are very informative (click on the image to open pdf):


We also liked Erich Schwarz’s slides on “Genome and transcriptome of the zoonotic hookworm Ancylostoma ceylanicum” (click on the image to open pdf):


The workshop website contains links to many other good slides and tutorials on bioinformatics from Istvan Albert of Biostar fame, Michael Crusoe and others.

Those uninterested in bioinformatics will not be disappointed either, because Titus Brown made sure few cross-disciplinary topics were included in the website :) -


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