For Bioinformatics Humor, Follow Twitter Hashtag #altbioinf

For Bioinformatics Humor, Follow Twitter Hashtag #altbioinf

BioMickWatson started a hilarious thread at twitter that you can follow by clicking hashtag #altbioinf -

Mick Watson ?@BioMickWatson 10h

After my shamtools tweet yesterday, I’m going to start a new hashtag: #altbioinf

For the benefit of those not using twitter, we post a few randomly chosen snippets here (not in any particular order, except :) ) -

Mick Watson ?@BioMickWatson 10h

Shamtools: software that pretends to do everything Samtools does, but actually does nothing #altbioinf

Mick Watson ?@BioMickWatson 9h

Smellvet: De Bruijn graph assembler that uses so much memory that your RAM circuits burn out, producing a curious smell #altbioinf

Robert Davey ?@froggleston 9h

Celery: vegetable genome assembler #altbioinf

Nick Loman ?@pathogenomenick 8h

n00bler: Assembler which takes input in Microsoft Word format #altbioinf ?@homolog_us 1h

EWAN - a software tool to prepare cutting-edge press release for your accepted paper #altbioinf

Ewan Birney ?@ewanbirney 5h

#altbioinf is great, if a little close to the bone sometimes…

Al Jazeera Forum ?@aljazeeraforum6 5h

GeeBrowse: a genome browser tool that causes excitement when all of the tracks finally finish loading #altbioinf

Lex Nederbragt ?@lexnederbragt 1h

UNCODE, junk DNA detector #altbioinf

Keith Bradnam ?@kbradnam 2h

RESEMBL: a European bioinformatics organization that duplicates functionality of tools and services provided by EMBL #altbioinf

Keith Bradnam ?@kbradnam 5h

FASTEH: new sequence file format for Canadians #altbioinf

Keith Bradnam ?@kbradnam 6h

rm -f: new sequence compression tool to free up space #altbioinf

…gotta be ‘rm -rf’.

And here is one of our contributions -

SHOCKING - a comparative analysis of genomes of distant electric fishes

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