Helpful Discussion on KA and SA-IS Algorithm and Possible Improvement

Helpful Discussion on KA and SA-IS Algorithm and Possible Improvement

Yangzhe1990’s Blog’ has nice discussion on KA and SA-IS algorithms and Yuta Mori’s implementation.

In mid September, I started writing a internal tool for my employer, which requires suffix tree. So I went to check if there are any new faster algorithms after the O(n) skew algorithm for building suffix array and O(n) Ukkonens algorithm for building suffix tree online.

I only found a little publications of suffix array during the 9 years between 2003 and 2012, which seems to indicate that this field is inactive. And its also funny that the skew algorithm has a new name DC-3?. The publications we are talking about in this article are:

Pang Ko and Srinivas Aluru, Space Efficient Linear Time Construction of Suffix Arrays, 2003;

Ge Nong, Sen Zhang and Wai Hong Chan, Two Efficient Algorithms for Linear Suffix Array Construction, 2008.

What got us interested was this claim -

Even yuta256 has compared the KAs algorithm, he didnt notice that the potential power behind the KAs algorithm which will beat his sais-lite in future.

We are still trying to understand his argument. If you have any insight, please let us know. IT he refers to is the Itoh-Tanaka paper found here.

SA-IS and KA algorithms are for O(n) construction of suffix arrays, and thus BWT. They are not patented unlike Illumina’s BCR algorithm, although admittedly they deal with two different kinds of sequences. Speaking of BWT patents, we contacted Dr. Anthony Cox asking what other bioinformaticians should do to use his approach, but have not heard back from him yet.


Useful slides from Manzini (click on image to view pdf file) -



Nong Ge is an author of the SA-IS algorithm.


Here is his webpage at the Sun Yat-sen university.


Who is the current winner? Stackexchange says livdivsort by Yuta Mori or archon40 by kvark. Here are the benchmarks. Also, this page has useful discussion on the history.

We tried to find out who Yuta Mori is, but had no luck.

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