What Do Government-funded #GWAS Scientists Spend Most Time on?

What Do Government-funded #GWAS Scientists Spend Most Time on?

When they are not complaining about sequester, they work on serious problems hurting our society. One such problem was detected on Sept 2. Apparently the wikipedia page of a scientist was ‘inflated’.


It is being solved, as you can see from the edit history here.



Not that their leader is doing any better.

The guy is intellectually dishonest for two reasons.

1. If he points out the obvious thing that the money spent on war is money not spent on research, he will lose his job the next day. Why not play guitar and make a mockery of his life instead?

2. In other part of his life, he preaches ‘Christian Morality’ !!

“In my view,” Collins goes on to say, “DNA sequence alone, even if accompanied by a vast trove of data on biological function, will never explain certain special human attributes, such as the knowledge of the Moral Law and the universal search for God.

Preaching Christian morality as a member of war-mongering government? Talk about hypocrisy.


Update: 5:30PM PST - Crisis (aka ‘Wiki war’) over.


That ends another day of hard work in the #GWAS-land. Let us celebrate with some music.

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