Pevzner's Bioinformatics Course at Coursera Delayed by Two Weeks

Pevzner's Bioinformatics Course at Coursera Delayed by Two Weeks

New start date - Nov 4th.

Syllabus surely looks interesting and the week 1 version is shown below. By some strange coincidence, when we first dipped our toes into bioinformatics (mostly by working on papers), we also looked into the problem of DNA replication origin first.

Week 1: Where Does DNA Replication Begin? (Algorithmic Warmup)

Homework 1, due 28 October: Complete Chapter 1 of Bioinformatics Algorithms on Stepic

Detailed Topics:

Introduction to DNA Replication

Hidden Messages in the Replication Origin

Some Hidden Messages are More Surprising than Others

An Explosion of Hidden Messages

The Simplest Way to Replicate DNA

Asymmetry of Replication

Peculiar Statistics of the Forward and Reverse Half-Strands

Some Hidden Messages Are More Elusive than Others

A Final Attempt at Finding DnaA Boxes in E. Coli

Epilogue: Complications in oriC Predictions

Final Challenge: Find DnaA boxes in Salmonella enterica

Open Problems

Multiple Replication Origins in a Bacterial Genome

Finding Replication Origins in Draft Bacterial Genomes

Finding Replication Origins in Archaea

Finding Replication Origins in Yeast

Computing Exact Probabilities of Patterns in a String and the Overlapping Words Paradox


Big-O Notation

Probabilities of Patterns in a String

The Most Beautiful Experiment in Biology

Chemical Basis for Directionality of DNA Strands

The Overlapping Words Paradox

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