Helix IO - Ultrafast Metagenome Sequence Classifier

Helix IO - Ultrafast Metagenome Sequence Classifier

Here is an interesting meta-genome sequence classifier announced at ycombinator -


How it works - Enter a sequence or upload a file. Our server then processes your query or file. All data is sent securely via HTTPS, and we delete all uploads after processing.

Wait (Just a very brief moment) - We compare the sequence against reference genomes from the NCBI. More details are provided in our Technical FAQ.

View results - We provide tabular, graphical, and downloadable results. Optional public permalinks are also available.


The ycombinator announcement is here, where you can read the follow up comments. We wonder whether the algorithm is similar to rapsearch mentioned in this post?

The readers can follow the github pages of the developers Nik Krumm here and Nick Greenfield here. By following them, you can learn about cutting edge programming languages like nimrod or julia mentioned earlier in our blog.

Their twitter accounts -

Nik Krumm (@nik_krumm)

Nick Greenfield (@boydgreenfield)

helix_io (@helix_io)

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