Computer Science Bubble and STEM Shortage Myth

Computer Science Bubble and STEM Shortage Myth

The number of freshmen enrolling into computer science programs has gone through the roof in recent years.


It is even more disconcerting that -

One needs to keep in mind here that the last time enrollment in computer science peaked was in the year 2000 concurrently with the technology mania. This is obviously no coincidence. What is slightly disconcerting is that the current peak in enrollments towers vastly above that previous bubble peak.

In Malinvestment in Human Capital, acting-man blog explains why the current trend is a bubble and we agree.


On the bigger topic of STEM skill shortage, Mish explains why it is a myth -

Is There a Shortage of Skilled Workers? My Own Personal Experiences

The idea that a “middle-skilled” person can go back to school at age 40, take a few classes and become a java programmer, an engineer, or a chef, and land a meaningful job in that field is nothing but hope-filled hype. Perhaps 1 out of 100 make some use of their training. The rest just end up deeper in debt.


But there is more.

US Government Proposes To Ease Student Loan Standards Even Further

Parents whose financial standing disqualify them from most loans may have an easier time borrowing to pay their childrens college costs under a U.S. government proposal to ease credit standards.

We hope intelligent readers will connect the dots and manage their lives accordingly.

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