SFAF Meeting at Los Alamos (#SFAF2014)

SFAF Meeting at Los Alamos (#SFAF2014)


SFAF (“Sequencing, Finishing and Analysis in the Future”) 2014 Meeting is taking place at Los Alamos, and readers can follow all discussions by checking the twitter hashtag #SFAF2014. The above picture is submitted by @NoblisNews.

Sequencing, Finishing and Analysis in the Future (SFAF) is an annual meeting dedicated to bringing together experts in the genomics fieldincluding representatives from the industries that serve this specialized scientific community.

The meeting focuses on laboratory methods and computational tools used to help sequence, assemble, and finish genomes, including new sequencing technologies, which promise high-throughput results by sequencing more base-pairs per run at longer read-lengths.

The agenda for the meeting is available from this link. A number of talks caught our attention, but we have not got time to follow twitter to find what was presented. If you are one of the mentioned speakers, would you please send the slides or other materials for our readers? Others are welcome too !

1. A de novo Whole Genome Shotgun Assembler for Long Reads (Gene Myers)

2. New Frontiers of Genome Assembly with SPAdes 3.1 (Anton Korobeynikov)

3. Speeding up NGS software development (D. Lavenier)

4. Assembly and Phasing of Polymorphic Heterozygous Diploid Genomes (Jason Chin)

5. Efficient de novo assembly of long NGS reads (Martin Simonsen)

6. New Mexican Lunch Buffet (Sponsored by Promega)

7. De Novo Mapping with Solid-State Detectors John Oliver

8. Further improvements to Illumina library preparation from challenging samples Maryke Appel

9. Technology advancements in large insert PacBio library construction for targeted sequencing Min Wang


Slides of James Gurtowski -


Slides of Anton Korobeynikov -


Possible talk of Gene Myers, if he could attend -

Dazzler Assembler for PacBio Reads Gene Myers


Genohub blog has summary of day 1 of the meeting -

Sequencing, Finishing, Analysis in the Future 2014 Day 1 Meeting Highlights

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