Cuckoo Filter to Replace Bloom Filter?

Cuckoo Filter to Replace Bloom Filter?

@rozovr forwarded the link to a new paper that is worth looking into.

Cuckoo Filter: Practically Better Than Bloom

In many networking systems, Bloom filters are used for high speed set membership tests. They permit a small fraction of false positive answers with very good space efficiency. However, they do not permit deletion of items from the set, and previous attempts to extend standard Bloom filters to support deletion all degrade either space or performance. We propose a new data structure called the cuckoo filter that can replace Bloom filters for approximate set membership tests. Cuckoo filters support adding and removing items dynamically while achieving even higher performance than Bloom filters. For applications that store many items and target moderately low false positive rates, cuckoo filters have lower space overhead than space-optimized Bloom filters. Our experimental results also show that cuckoo filters outperform previous data structures that extend Bloom filters to support deletions substantially in both time and space.

The name derives from their use of Cuckoo hash scheme. Compared to Bloom filter -

We propose the cuckoo filter, a practical data structure that provides four major advantages.

1. It supports adding and removing items dynamically;

2. It provides higher lookup performance than traditional Bloom filters, even when close to full (e.g., 95% space utilized);

3. It is easier to implement than alternatives such as the quotient filter; and

4. It uses less space than Bloom filters in many practical applications, if the target false positive rate  is less than 3%.

For more information, check their google plus thread and reddit thread.

Will it replace Bloom filter based k-mer counting methods? Pall Melsted offers his perspective -


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