Searching and Indexing Genomic Databases via Kernelization

Searching and Indexing Genomic Databases via Kernelization

Rayan Chikhi reported about a new algorithm for searching through multiple genomes using LZ77 (Lempel/Ziv) compression. It was presented by S. Puglisi at the Data Structures in Bioinformatics workshop.

Those not attending the conference can check this paper to know what it is about. (h/t: @pmelsted). Readers may recall that Simon Puglisi is an author of another outstanding paper that we reported about a month back (Alex Bowe’s - Variable-Order de Bruijn Graphs).


The rapid advance of DNA sequencing technologies has yielded databases of thousands of genomes. To search and index these databases e ffectively, it is important that we take advantage of the similarity between those genomes. Several authors have recently suggested searching or indexing only one reference genome and the parts of the other genomes where they diff er. In this paper we survey the twenty-year history of this idea and discuss its relation to kernelization in parameterized complexity.

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