Notes from Technology Day of #AGBT16

Notes from Technology Day of #AGBT16

AGBT16 conference is currently taking place in Florida. Those not present at the conference can learn a lot from this link.

Highlights and gossips -

1. Word cloud (it is all about sequencing)


2. Long reads

Pacbio will host a session on long reads today. We will cover the main points in a later blog post.

Also, our tutorial on analysis of long read sequences will be available to the members today. Please join here, if you work on long read data.

3. Jay Flatley’s talk

OmicsOmics blog posted Illumina CEO’s talk in storify format here. The section “Apple Lisa & Bead Express: Examples of new tech not working out” is interesting. Also, he talked about Grail, Illumina’s liquid biopsy venture and Firefly prep module.

Flatley: 9 sample system, 3.5h lib prep unattended. Electrode pads in disposable cart (is this Adv Liq Logic tech?)

JF: digital fluidic library prep, 8 samples in parallel, reagents already there, library in 3 hrs unattended

Flatley: Second cartridge does clustering, PE steps, 3.5h to 13h run-times. Driven off wireless iPad #AGBT16

Flatley: 2 modules library prep feeding multiple sequencers. 1G/run, 4M reads, $100/sample, $30K for both modules

JF: 1G per run, 4M reads, $100 per sample, $30k for machine (library prep and sequencer)

4. Nanopore gossip


Flatley is not happy to hear that.


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