(Remotely Taught Module) - Data Visualization in R

(Remotely Taught Module) - Data Visualization in R

We are offering a new remotely taught module on data visualization in R. You will learn some of the most essential tools needed for exploratory data analysis. Especially, if you heard about the powerful ggplot library, but its logic appears complicated, this module is perfect for you.

Visualization is an important component of bioinformatic analysis. We plot our data in different ways to discover patterns and then further explore those patterns for their statistical validity. Examples of this approach include fitting straight line through related numbers, building phylogeny tree to find evolutionarily-related genes and creating heatmaps of RNAseq data.

R is an excellent tool for visual analysis for two reasons - (i) vector-based representation of data, (ii) powerful libraries like ggplot. If you use R but are not comfortable with its visualization libraries, this module is right for you.


April 13, April 20, April 27 (1-3PM US Eastern time, 10AM-1PM US Pacific time)


Understanding of vectors and data frames in R

You will learn -

Day 1

Visualization functions from core R library - plot(), hist(), barplot()

Parametric plots

Fitting a straight line through data

Introduction to ggplot

Day 2

Continuation on ggplot

Day 3

Venn diagram, clustering and heatmap

Class Style

Our classes are conducted through online interactive chat session, where you learn by solving problems with guidance from the instruction.

Please sign up at this link to join the module.

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