Please Join Our Expert Membership Section

Please Join Our Expert Membership Section

Dear readers, over the years many of you requested more organized content and complete tutorials on bioinformatics. Three years back, we started posting them in our membership section. All content in the membership section had been free with registration.

We recently introduced Expert Membership. Expert members get access to all complete tutorials, whereas a subset of tutorials are freely available. Moreover, we are posting weekly commentaries for Expert Members covering diverse topics related to bioinformatics and biology in the NGS era.

The contents in the membership section are organized in the following manner. Those without any computational skill should start with the tutorials mentioned in “Study Guide - Beginners”. Those with the knowledge of R or Python can follow the tutorials in “Study Guide - Intermediate”.

RNAseq analysis is the most popular request we receive from our members working in biology. Therefore, we have a separate section with “Tutorials on RNAseq Analysis” that should help the biologists.

Those coming from computing background, on the other hand, will find the “Tutorials on Genome Assembly” and “Bioinformatics Algorithms” informative.

Please consider joining, if you have not done so already. Another benefit of being an Expert Member is that you can suggest future topics, and if there is enough interest, we plan to work on them. Our current Expert Members suggested topics ranging from proteomics and metagenomics to GWAS and cancer API.

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