Covid Coverup Party (CCP) Invades Zenodo

Covid Coverup Party (CCP) Invades Zenodo

Over the last eighteen months, biologists funded by the NIH participated in a massive coverup of the origin of the covid virus. Now that they are exposed, these people are acting rather strangely, reminding me of cockroaches running away from the shining light. We like to provide our readers with a detailed overview so that they can get entertained by the actions of these lowly creatures. I have not been so amused ever since Dan Graur vanquised the ENCODE team in 2013 (check “On the Immortality of Television Sets: “Function” in the Human Genome According to the Evolution-Free Gospel of ENCODE”), but ENCODE, to its credit, did not get anyone killed (apart from science itself).

Before continuing, let me introduce you to the key members of the Covid Coverup Party (CCP). The list includes Kristian Andersen from The Scripps Research Institute, Robert F. Garry from Tulane University, Andrew Rambaut of University of Edinburgh, UK, Edward C. Holmes of the University of Sydney, Australiaand “Sir” Jeremy Farrar of the Wellcome Trust. We will come back to these names in several places of this article.

In May of this year, well-respected science writer Nicholas Wade told us in an essay that the virus could have come from a lab. The article made four key points about the possible lab-origin. Two of them highlight unusual features in the SARS-CoV2 genome as explained below.

  1. The Covid virus has an unusual four-amino acid insertion (PRRA) not present in any of its closest neighbors. Quite strangely the insertion happens to be at the right place that makes the virus highly infectious to humans. Viruses use spike protein to enter the cells, and this protein needs to be cut in two parts to work properly. The twelve nucleotide insertions is optimized to allow human furin protein to cleave the viral protein. That begs the question of Why a bat virus will have an insertion to help human furin?

  2. The four amino-acid inserion was unusual enough, but on top of that, it used the rarest codon in the SARS coronavirus genome (CGG) twice side-by-side. The CGG codon is so rare that it is present only 10 times in the entire SARS-CoV2 genome. Double side-by-side occurrence is not seen in any SARS-like coronavirus genome. Yet somewhat miraculously this four amino acid insertion that makes cleavage by furin easy happens to use the rare codon twice.

Wade’s article was excellent, but its publication was surrounded by several oddities. Wade is a respected popular science author. His short bio posted with his essay said - “I’m a science writer and have worked on the staff of Nature, Science and, for many years, on the New York Times.” Yet he chose to publish his article in Medium, and not NY Times, Nature or Science. My suspicion is that Wade chose Medium to get attention from the base of Yuri Deigin, who covered all these points in extensive detail in April 2020.

Another strange thing happened, when Wade wrote his article. At that time, any suggestion of lab leak was denounced as conspiracy theory by the Covid Coverup Party and any article mentioning it was taken down by Facebook and Twitter. However, instead of banning Wade, these social media companies changed their policies and other mainstream media sites started to entertain lab leak as a possibility. It appeared as if Wade was hired to give credence to the lab leak hypothesis. Why May 2021 and not any time in the 18 months before?

The answer came within two weeks, when Fauci’s emails were released under a FOIA request. You can read the originals here, but for a better summary, check this excellent video by Chris Martenson.

Key points -

On Jan 31, 2020, Kristian Andersen (CCP member) wrote an email to Anthony Fauci (NIH) and Jeremy Farrar (Wellcome trust, CCP member) with the following sentences -

“The unusual features make up a really small part of the genome (0.1%) so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered.”

“Eddie, Bob, Mike and myself all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.”

Eddie, Bob, etc. are all CCP members mentioned earlier.

What was special about Jan 31? It was around when the paper from the Wuhan lab came out telling us that the pandemic was likely caused by bats. The origin of the bat sequence released by that paper is shrouded in mystery, but let us cover that in a later article.

There was something else special about Jan 31. It was a Friday evening, when you do not expect government officials to work (unless a cover-up needs to be orchestrated). Yet, right after receiving the email from Andersen at 10:32PM, Fauci called an emergency meeting of the big-shots from NIH and Wellcome Trust to be held on Saturday. He sent his next email to Hugh Achincloss at 12:29AM of Sat morning including an attachment to Ralph Baric’s gain of function paper from 2015. Clearly Fauci panicked.

What was discussed in Saturday’s meeting was not released, but within 4-5 days Andersen (and Eddie and Bob) submitted a paper to Nature Medicine never mentioning any possibility of possible engineered virus. You can read it all here. Then for the next 14 months, Andersen maintained his constant presence in twitter denouncing anyone pointing out the sequence anomalies as “conspiracy theorists”.

Right after the Fauci release, Andersen closed his twitter account and disappeared. We thought that was the last of him, but he resurfaced again in one of the most unexpected place. Recently, the CCP team submitted a preprint to Zenodo. Why Zenodo? Because it remains to be the only uncensored preprint server to discuss coronavirus features after Biorxiv shot its feet by starting to censor papers. I think the censoring started right after an Indian group posted a paper pointing out the likely engineering of the Covid virus. This group was bullied to withdraw its paper. Now it is ironic that the Covid Coverup Members have to go to Zenodo to get themselves heard !

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