Dishonest Trevor Bedford Wins Howard Hughes and MacArthur Awards

Dishonest Trevor Bedford Wins Howard Hughes and MacArthur Awards

US establishment biologists are so tone-deaf that they gave Trevor Bedford both Howard Hughes and MacArthur awards. These same people also scream at the top of their lungs - “Trust the experts”. Here is what I got by trusting “experts” like Trevor Bedford.

In early 2020, an electrical engineer collaborator of mine forwarded me an online article and asked my opinion on the origin of the covid virus. I did not have time to analyze the sequences, but soon I came across Kristian Andersen’s article published in Nature. Based on this, I told him that the virus was zoonotic.

Two months later, I saw Chris Martenson’s youtube video titled “Are Our Scientists Lying To Us”. Chris is a solid guy with a PhD in pathology, and I followed his work on finance for over 15 years and his informative videos on the pandemic since early 2020. His video on the virus compelled me to do my own analysis on the sequences SARS-like viruses, and I was completely surprised to find the furine cleavage binding site insertion that suggested that a lab leak could not be ruled out in any way.

At that point, I often wondered how Bedford missed this signature and did not highlight it everywhere. I considered him as an independent expert, who might have come across something that I missed. After all, I am not an “expert” in analyzing viral sequences and he had been on top of SARS-CoV-2 sequences from day 1.

Imagine my shock, when FOIA request released this email from him. He wrote on Feb 4, 2020 to Ralph Baric, Kristian Anderson, Peter Daszak and a bunch of others -

Briefly, my suggestions:

I wouldn’t mention binding sites here. If you start weighing evidence there’s a lot to consider for both scenarios.

I would say “no evidence of genetic engineering” full stop.

Rather than “including samples that have been collected prior to the outbreak in Wuhan” I would say “including samples collected from as early as possible in the Wuhan outbreak”.

I’m not sure what the exact capacity of this group going forward will be, but I might suggest moving to more secure forms of communication.

Let me translate that in plain English. This guy knew as early as Feb 4, 2020 that binding site would provide evidence for both scenarios (namely lab-leak and natural origin), but told everyone to lie about it. Moreover, based on his last line of asking others to move to secure communication, he realized that he was doing something unethical. I should also mention that Kristian Andersen, “Eddie, Bob, Mike” all agreed that the virus coming from the lab could not be ruled out, as you can see from Andersen’s Feb 1 email to Fauci.

Shame on all of you US biologists for giving Bedford awards instead of sending him a goodbye note. In the meanwhile, you pushed Yoshiki Sasai to suicide for his student faking her gels. I will not trust any future paper that comes from lying gasbags like Bedford and Andersen no matter which journal published it and how many awards you bestow on him.

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