SNP Map of Human Population of 'Entire World' Published

SNP Map of Human Population of 'Entire World' Published

An integrated map of genetic variation from 1,092 human genomes

The study combined low-coverage genome sequencing and exome sequencing from 14 population from Europe (CEU, TSI, GBR, FIN and IBS), Africa (YRI, LWK and ASW), East Asia (CHB, JPT and CHS) and the Americas (MXL, CLM and PUR).

Population abbreviations: ASW, people with African ancestry in Southwest United States; CEU, Utah residents with ancestry from Northern and Western Europe; CHB, Han Chinese in Beijing, China; CHS, Han Chinese South, China; CLM, Colombians in Medellin, Colombia; FIN, Finnish in Finland; GBR, British from England and Scotland, UK; IBS, Iberian populations in Spain; LWK, Luhya in Webuye, Kenya; JPT, Japanese in Tokyo, Japan; MXL, people with Mexican ancestry in Los Angeles, California; PUR, Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico; TSI, Toscani in Italia; YRI, Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria. Ancestry-based groups: AFR, African; AMR, Americas; EAS, East Asian; EUR, European.

Major finding? Successful cloning of Evan Eichler at University of Washington.

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