Why no comments section?

Why no comments section?

Some of you asked why we do not activate the comment section of our blog unlike 99.7% of other blogs. Short answer - 99.7% of those blogs are not as popular as ours. Long answer follows.

In February 2010, we wrote on The Mathematics of Color Space Sequencing and took a small break for 18 months. After coming back, we encountered 1000 comments, among which 997 were of the form - ‘A very well written article. Will you buy Viag** from us?’ We did not enjoy this surge of popularity, and the only way to stop our fans from following us was to shut down the comments section.

Now that we set up the forum, we find that it adds many benefits that the comments section would not have provided.

Firstly, format of comment section of a blog appears to give the impression that blog author is more knowledgeable than the commenters. Only thing we know for sure is that the depth of our ignorance is limitless.

Secondly, the discussion forum allows users to initiate discussions on topics that the blogger did not cover. Our forum is divided into ‘General Category’ and ‘Daily blogs’ sections. In the ‘General Category’ section, you are free to initiate conversation on any topic that is of relevance to our community.

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