Under the Surface

Under the Surface

For new readers, easiest way to follow us is through our twitter feed. The feed is updated, whenever we post a commentary here.

Although we were almost silent over the last two weeks, many changes were taking place beneath the surface to help you get more from our website.

You probably noticed two buttons ‘search’ and ‘trends’ on the top of the site.

This is where we would like to give you access to available transcriptome data from around the globe. At this moment, our focus is on the NCBI GEO and SRA databases, two large warehouses for publicly available transcriptome data. Previously the data supporting those two links had been stale from last year, but we uploaded the latest data, and wrote a full pipeline to keep data synchronized with NCBI.

In the ‘Trends’ section, we show you global trends of GEO and SRA submissions. Everyone is busy with his own research, but this is where you can have a global view of what others are doing. We have been watching those charts for some time and noticed few interesting patterns that we plan to talk about in our future commentaries.

In the ‘Search’ box, you can type something like ‘GPL570’ or ‘rat circudian’ and can get names of all GEO submissions related to your search words. We understand that it is not too much information at this moment, but we are expecting to improve the ‘search’ routine to bring lot more to you.

Oh, we have not given up on thinking, reading and writing about cool NGS algorithms, Hadoop, Trinity, Velvet, Bowtie, etc. We do have few surprises for you in that front as well.

Stay tuned !!

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