Few Quick Comments Regarding the Website

Few Quick Comments Regarding the Website

We turned off all plugins on our blog, and are planning to reinstall them one by one after doing thorough security review. One of the most used plugins had been the auto-translation one, which many readers from non-English-speaking countries used to read our discussions. That will be the first one to come, and then few other useful ones will be installed. Please bear with us for a few days.

At this point, we are working hard on implementing two things before turning on the plugins.

(i) We expect to have a cron script that periodically checks all files in our web directories and generates a report on any newly installed ones. That way, we can quickly find out whether any malicious code got into our server.

(ii) Secondly, we are setting up a backup server with identical set of codes. That way, if one server is brought down, we will switch DNS to the other one and be online immediately (i.e. DNS propagation time). In the meanwhile, we can work on fixing security cracks in the downed one.

We would also like to add that our comment section works in the following manner. We screen comments for spam, but if one comment from your IP gets in, you are deemed a trusted person. All subsequent comments from the same IP will show up in real time.

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