A Real-life Example of Our Forecast for 21st Century

A Real-life Example of Our Forecast for 21st Century

In three earlier posts, we discussed -

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Our Vision for Biology of 21st Century

A Chart to Back our Forecast for 21st Century

and they ended with “So, we will not be surprised, if the rights to most high- tech US companies and their patents get transferred to more responsible countries during the coming debt reduction phase. Naturally, that will be the place for genomic century.”


From Today’s news (posting from Omics! Omics! blog)-

BGI Gobbles Complete Genomics

An email this morning alerted me that BGI Shenzhen is acquiring Complete Genomics. I hadn’t been following Complete’s business very carefully and had missed (or forgotten about) their quarterly report in August warning that they were dangerously low on cash and had engaged a firm to look at strategic alternatives. If you are holding Complete Shares (with the wonderful ticker symbol GNOM), you’ll get $3.15 cash for each for them. If you were unfortunate enough to buy them at the top, that’s over $11 a share in capital loss to put on next year’s tax returns.

The debt reduction phase is only at the beginning, and there will be many more fire-sales going forward. So, we still stick to our suggestion -

Instead of being all negative, we also like to make some constructive suggestions to young students. If there is one thing homolog.us blog would recommend to young biology students, that is to learn Chinese and translate a biology paper to Chinese. It is far more important language to learn at this point of your career than C, C++ or Java.

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