Our Non-bioinformatics Commentaries are Going Away

Our Non-bioinformatics Commentaries are Going Away

Dear readers,

Please say good bye to our socio-economic commentaries, because nobody seems to like them. From now on, we will be discussing codes and algorithms 48 hours a day.

Commentaries on following topics will leave us -

i) Most discussions on open-access publication and journal policies. The ‘war’ is over.

ii) Socio-economic trends and forecasts. You know them already and there is no point repeating the same thing.

iii) Topics on contemporary finance - student loans, credit default swaps, banking system, European economy, etc. Give everyone a trillion dollar platinum coin.

iv) General discussions on NIH budget, elections, democracy, war on Islam terror, etc. Who cares?

v) Discussions on Vioxx and other bad drugs. Check (iv)


P. S. On popular request, we decided to keep those posts, but move them to a new blog focused on socio-politico-economic trends. The location of the blog is here (fixed the link).

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