A Quick Update on What We are up to

A Quick Update on What We are up to

Dear Readers,

Sorry for dearth of commentaries over the last week. We were terribly busy trying to achieve the following things.

a) We like to post a longer commentary on the paper on complex knotting picked as the top bioinformatics innovation of the year. We reached out to Dr. Joanna Sulkowska, the first author of the PNAS papers and heard back from her. After finishing our own work of fully understanding the algorithm, we plan to talk to her and post a commentary on the mentioned research. Hopefully, you will enjoy this area of bioinformatics far away from sequence analysis discussed in our blog. Also, there were criticisms from reddit bioinformatics readers on why we completely missed ENCODE, and we like to address those as well.

b) January still remains to be our Learn How SOAPdenovo2 Works month, and we are working on remaining commentaries to explain the algorithm.

c) In 2012, we published ~300 commentaries. When we tried to post a summary this week, we were completely lost. Many innovative assembly algorithms like SPAdes, minia were initially categorized under ‘de Bruijn graph’, but we feel it will help you navigate the site better, if we rebuild the categories. That task is turning out to be more time consuming than we expected.

d) Over the last year, we worked on assembly and analysis of a fish genome. Now we are in the process of writing the paper, and that work is keeping us unusually busy.

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