Ivar Giaever on Religion of Global Warming

Ivar Giaever on Religion of Global Warming

While searching in Google for information on Brian Josephson, we came across another interesting story that we missed earlier. Ivar Giaever, who shared Nobel prize with Josephson, came out strongly against the pseudoscience of global warming. How strongly? He went to the extent of resigning from American Physical Society, because APS politicized its mission with a statement on global warming.

His opponents discarded his views as irrelevant, because he was not an expert in the glorious ‘climate science’ and therefore not supposed to say anything. There was one tiny bit of problem though. Giaever’s 1973 Nobel award speech ended with the following paragraph -

In conclusion I hope that this rather personal account may provide some slight insight into the nature of scientific discovery. My own beliefs are that the road to a scientific discovery is seldom direct, and that it does not necessarily require great expertise. In fact, I am convinced that often a newcomer to a field has a great advantage because he is ignorant and does not know all the complicated reasons why a particular experiment should not be attempted. However, it is essential to be able to get advice and help from experts in the various sciences when you need it. For me the most important ingredients were that I was at the right place at the right time and that I found so many friends both inside and outside General Electric who unselfishly supported me.

It is fascinating to find scientists like Laughlin and Giaever being pushed aside to maintain a bank-controlled globalized agenda of central planning. ‘Scientists’ of today are not seeker of truth any more and instead they worship a different God. Which God? If Titus Brown’s subtle hint did not help, here is someone who presents it more explicitly. The arrangement is so absurd that sometimes we have no response other than asking child-like questions, but we guess the others do not even perceive the absurdity of their new kind of science.



Enjoy Giaever’s 2012 speech in front of fellow Nobelists -

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