Wiki and Tutorial Sections

Wiki and Tutorial Sections

Our wiki section, where we worked through the SOAPdenovo code, became a victim of spam attack. We earlier kept the ‘register and modify’ option open so that other readers could join us to work through various codes. The spammers took the opportunity and posted on cheapest mortgage products and other exciting topics !!

The condition became so bad that we decided to reinstall the wiki and port good pages from old wiki. Hyperlink to the new wiki is at ‘wiki1’ instead ‘wiki’. We tried to fix as many blog hyperlinks as we could, but the task is not complete yet.


If you like to modify the wiki, please feel free to email me for an account at samanta at We will continue to work through other codes, as time permits.


The entry page of the tutorial section was also modified to make room for three other sets of new tutorials.


The de Bruijn graph tutorial stays where it is, whereas the new material will be added as soon as we manage to make them presentable. If you like to speed up the process or enjoy our commentaries, please do not shy away from pressing the donate button on the right sidebar of this page. We like to keep this project independent of all kinds of government funding so that we can continue to seek truth in science.

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