China vs USA and Other Social Posts

China vs USA and Other Social Posts

We are doing our spring cleaning. All wiki-related links within the blog posts are set to the new wiki. We will start digging into codes again soon. Our own interests are in hardware implementation of bioinformatics-related codes, but we also enjoy explaining the algorithms in case it helps others.

Few social commentaries are being moved to the social section, and we added many others there. The following commentary is moved for example.

Is a Society Stable with Too Much Sex, Too Little Love and no Dignity?

The original point of the post was to show how Western (mainly Anglo-Saxon) science changed from its defining period, the enlightenment. The picture is more clear, when you extend the google ngrams by going back another 100 years. We were hoping someone would point that out, but given that nobody is interested in these topics, it is better to move them away to social section. We added few other social commentaries in the social sections. Some are directly relevant to science. Some others are only linked peripherally.

History of Plagiarism

Why There Will be Deflation and Bernanke is Powerless Against It

The Book of Lord Shang (Legalism)

[Note: Legalism is the dominant social philosophy in USA]

China vs USA

Our views have not changed from what we always mentioned. China and Asia will see severe deflationary depression and many overextended businesses will go out of business. However, capitalism and center of science will move there in the next cycle.


Sometimes it is difficult for us to draw the line between what goes into social section and what in this section. Many of our commentaries regarding ENCODE-hype and other problems in science are clearly understandable within our ‘secular decline in Anglo-Saxon science’ narrative, but explaining those takes us into the depth of social discussion. Similarly, any meaningful comparison of China and USA takes us into -

Adam Smith in Beijing: Lineages of the 21st Century


ReORIENT: Global Economy in the Asian Age

Those books cover multi-century history of both regions, which we are very familiar with. Unfortunately, many of those discussions are highly nuanced and not twitterable one-liners with definitive answers. For the time being, we will leave the commentaries directly related to sequencing, bioinformatics, BGI, ENCODE, scientific practices and global warming here. Deeper philosophies will reside in the social section. If anything does not fit, please remind us.

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