Oh So Scary !! Sequestration Starts a Dark Age for Science :)

Oh So Scary !! Sequestration Starts a Dark Age for Science :)

We do not know whether to laugh or cry after reading this tweet from a well- known bioinformatician.


The linked article is so scary that we decided to dedicate our remaining day to go look for ‘sequestration’ Halloween dress :)

Sequestration Ushers In A Dark Age For Science In America

These academic morons seem to live in an alternate universe, where various governments pull money out of magical hats to pay for multiple wars, fund hugely expensive scams such as human brain map project, gives Elon Musk the equivalent of NSF’s yearly budget to build high-speed rail and still gets enough money to freeze miRNAs and what not. Get real !! Dark age of American science started in earnest in 1960s and 70s, when government took over science. Prior to that, the British and American scientist managed to make progress for several centuries without worrying about ‘dark age’.

Here are two simple lessons for government-funded welfare bums, AKA academics:

1. Government funding is a zero-sum game. When ENCODE and ‘human brain activity map’ projects steal millions of dollars from the funding pool, others get nothing. Someone from academia refused to link our dBG Tutorials to his webpage, saying that he liked them but could not endorse our blog due to ‘officially unapproved’ (political) commentaries. That is sad, but we would rather highlight the real trouble-spots like brain activity map, ENCODE, coward Sean Eddy and Francis Collins than sequestration fantasy promoted by the academics. Someone else pointed out that our readers will get turned off, if we express our ‘officially unapproved’ thoughts. Yeah right !



2. That zero-sum game is fed by people like us. If we cannot feed you, your academic bum-fest stops in a day. I am heading to IRS office after writing this commentary, because those @oles placed a tax payment in the wrong quarter and are asking us to pay again and that too with a fine !!! Their EFTPS website has no option to update the quarter, and we could not get connected to anyone by phone after holding for two hours. That is the reality outside the academic fantasy-land.

…….but we will be nicer than that to Aaron Quinlan and give him multiple options to choose from. Which version of ‘Cry Me a River’ do you like us to post below?

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