Who Should Go Away - FDA or 23andMe?

Who Should Go Away - FDA or 23andMe?

NBC News reports:

The Food and Drug Administration has ordered DNA testing company 23andMe to stop marketing its over-the-counter genetic test, saying its being sold illegally to diagnose diseases, and with no proof it actually works.

The last six words got us curious. Isn’t FDA arguing about getting the agency shut down? Apart from countless Ben Goldacre videos we posted earlier on FDA- approved drugs (e.g. here), the irony of ‘FDA approval’ can be seen right there on the sidebar of NY Times article on 23andMe.


Let us not bring up the even bigger FDA screw-up, where their goons went and shut down dairies so that people cannot commit the ‘horrendous crime of drinking raw milk’ !!! Any agency that determines selling/drinking raw milk as a crime is either captured or run by incompetent people. Anyone, who grew up in third-world countries can certify to that.

FDA should be shut down, because there is no proof it actually works.



Oh well !! Mike Eisen thinks FDA is stupid, whereas a Forbes Editor finds 23andMe is stupid. It is hard to disagree with Eisen.



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