Global Warming, Scripted Media and the Havoc Caused by Comment Section

Global Warming, Scripted Media and the Havoc Caused by Comment Section

IN USA, ‘central command’ decides what stories are to be reported to people and how, and the rest of mainstream media follow the lead. If you have any doubt about scripted nature of US media, the following video is sure to remove that.

On global warming scam, the central command allows reporting of everything supporting the story-line and suppress any article or news, which does not follow the theme. We presented countless examples of scripted reporting, but please go through the following article posted in Chicago Tribune as the latest one.

Chinese Icebreaker Stuck after Helping in Antarctic Rescue

SYDNEY (Reuters) - A Chinese icebreaker that helped rescue 52 passengers from a Russian ship stranded in Antarctic ice found itself stuck in heavy ice on Friday, further complicating the 9-day “roller-coaster” rescue operation.

The Snow Dragon had ferried the passengers from the stranded Russian ship to an Australian icebreaker late on Thursday. It now had concerns about its own ability to move through heavy ice, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said.

“It will attempt to maneuver through the ice when tidal conditions are most suitable during the early hours of 4 January 2014,” AMSA said.

The Australian icebreaker carrying the rescued passengers, the Aurora Australis, will remain on standby in open water in the area “as a precautionary measure”, the rescue agency said.

The Aurora Australis had meant to sail towards an Antarctic base to complete a resupply before carrying the rescued passengers back to Australia.

It was not mentioned anywhere in the entire article that the ‘researchers’ were there to study the impact of global warming. Based on their calculation, ice was not supposed to be present, where they got stuck !! After all, it is summer in Antarctica now and much of ice should have melted by now with global warming. So, the fools decided to go there on a smaller ship without ice breaker, decided to spend time on sight- seeing, trip with family and other ‘research’ activities ( The cause of the Akademik Shokalskiy getting stuck in Antarctica delay from sightseeing mishaps and dawdling by the passengers getting back on ship ).

However, people in the comment section of the same Chicago Tribune article did not get fooled by the propaganda piece and assembled together the truth from various places in the internet. Blogs and comment sections are creating big problems for scripted media, and various attempts are being made to curtail them. We will cover them in a follow up blog post.


In the meanwhile, the saga of global warming ship stuck in Antarctic ice took an ‘ironic-er’ twist.

Ship Sent To Rescue Global Warming Researchers Trapped In Antarctic, Gets Trapped In Antarctic

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