How to Enhance Career by Publishing in Open-access Journal

How to Enhance Career by Publishing in Open-access Journal

We previously asked about what arguments to use to convince co-authors to publish their preprints at arxiv/biorxiv.

Arxiv and BioRxiv Fans Please Help

A new blog post by impactstory covers the next step of the process, which is to convince everyone to publish in “Megajournals”, or open-access online journals like PLOS One, BMJ open, etc.

The Perils of Megajournalsand How to Avoid Them

In an ideal world, where a paper is published should not be an issue, because you are judged by your intellectual contributions, right? Sadly, many superficial academics still decide whether a paper is good or bad based on journal, citation count, # of retweets, university of researchers and so on. If you are in that kind of business, the linked article addresses the following points to help you.

1. My co-authors wont want to publish in megajournals

2. No one in my field will find out about it

3. My CV will look like I couldnt publish in good journals

Enjoy !!

(and always remember, a highly cited flawed paper is still a flawed paper).


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