Greeks Are Free and They Are Running Away to Russia

Greeks Are Free and They Are Running Away to Russia

Several readers were upset, when we called Russia the freest country two years back (Russia Best Assembler, Best French Actor and now Freest Country !!). We encourage them to explain the latest oddity.

Greece had a major shift in government after the election last week. The election ended eurocrat banker occupation. Among the most visible post- election changes, the new government is not afraid of people any more. Here are two pictures of the main square in Athens before and after new government came into power.





In another post-election change. now that Greece is free from occupation, it is leaning toward Russia. That is quite a shift in mood from the older days, when free people used to run west as fast as possible.

Speaking of genome assembly, SPAdes still remains to be the best assembler, although free people from Hong Kong are catching up :). We will write more on SPAdes vs MEGAhit comparison in a future post.

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