"Russian Government is Beheading Scientists in Red Square" - Nature Reports

I am getting tired of Nature ‘journal’’s ridiculous anti-Russia tirade. Why not report something like “Russian government is beheading scientists in red square” or “Russian government serves fresh liver of scientists as food supplement” to get done with it? Here is a small subset of their eight or more articles blaming Russia in little over one year.

In April 2014, Nature reported -

“Western science severs ties with Russia” with the subtitle - “Countrys science renaissance threatened as NATO and NASA suspend links”. Ohmigosh, Russian astronauts are sobbing profusely due to lack of access to NASA, one of the most incompetent space agency.

As usual, Nature failed to highlight the truth. NASA does not have any ability to access the space station without Russian help and is desperate to stay in the good books of Russians.

NASA to keep paying Russia to send astronauts to space station

NASA is extending its contract with Russias space agency to transport U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station for the foreseeable future now that it appears very unlikely Congress will provide the funding its requesting to develop a domestic replacement for the mothballed space shuttle, NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr. said Wednesday.

Nature did not stop there. In May 2015, the ‘journal’ wrote -

Russian scientists cut off from Springer journals

Springer (which completed a merger with Natures publisher this month) and Russias science minister both say that they are hoping to resolve the problem soon. But the missed payment and subsequent loss of access is one more example of how Russias weak economic situation is affecting scientists, who are already finding it harder to purchase and import overseas equipment, says Fyodor Kondrashov, a Russian biologist with the Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona, Spain.

Cut to the chase, this expensive science-reporting rag, which is stuck in an old-fashioned closed-access business model, is harassing poor scientists for not being able to access papers written and paid for by scientists from other countries, because they made the mistake of publishing with Springer/Nature. Most scientists from all over the world would happily share their papers with Russians or anyone else irrespective of political difference. Therefore, this middleman organization named Nature (now part of Springer) damages sharing by scientists and is proud to announce that on its pages. How sad !

This month, Nature goes overboard and reports -

Russian secret service to vet research papers

Please !! Why not use some of your precious pages on discussing TTIP/TTP, and related secret deals resulting in - “Medicines forecast to cost taxpayers millions more in secret TPP trade deal”. Why not mention the war crime of bombing hospitals by Doctors without Borders (“US analysts knew bombed Afghan site was hospital”), an organization vocal in protesting against secret TTP/TTIP drug deals?

Why does Nature fail to show connections (or lack thereof) between scientific research and drug prices or fail to discuss war-crime committed against a group of voluntary doctors, but have no shortage of energy to denigrate Russia? You may know the answer, but just in case.

After 140 years of wise decision to keep science and politics separate, the owners of the journal decided otherwise.

On 30 October 2008, Nature endorsed an American presidential candidate for the first time when it supported Barack Obama during his campaign in America’s 2008 presidential election.

The journal repeated its endorsement in 2012 and has essentially become an organization captured by the elites.

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