The Virus Spreading in Europe

The Virus Spreading in Europe

Max Delbrck, together with Luria and Hershey, received Nobel prize in 1969 “for their discoveries concerning the replication mechanism and the genetic structure of viruses”.

Delbrck had another connection with a virus that is currently spreading fast in Europe. His grandfather’s brother founded Deutsche bank ~150 years back. Europe’s largest bank is now in trouble, and is in desperate need of bail-out/bail-in. Moreover, when the largest European bank goes down, that event has the potential to take down several other banks. In the worst case, the entire global and interconnected banking system can experience ‘blue screen of death’ on some sunny day. No wonder, central bankers are panicking again.

Deutsche Bank Spikes Most In 5 Years (Just Like Lehman Did)


Of course, failure of the largest bank is what Europe needs at this moment.

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