Upgrade to the blog

Upgrade to the blog

We are back after making extensive changes to the blog software being used here.

Most important among the changes, we got rid of Wordpress and made a commitment to never use Wordpress again. Wordpress is easy to install, but nightmare to maintain with its entire panoply of buggy plugins. Moreover, it sucks up time by failing at the most unfortunate times.

As a by-product of leaving Wordpress, the site has become much faster. It used to be slow as hell under load, but not any more. The site now loads reasonably fast even from Australia.

Among other changes, the theme is mobile-friendly. Also, we get to write the posts in Markdown so that they can be conveniently backed up in github.

The commenting system will be up and running shortly with all your old comments. We did not want to use Disqus, and the inability to find suitable alternative was what kept us tied to Wordpress for so long.

If you are suffering from Wordpress and like to get better technology, please let us know.

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