Is Google Tweaking Search Results to Block Our Posts Critical of NIH Director?

Is Google Tweaking Search Results to Block Our Posts Critical of NIH Director?

Every once in a while, we use Google search to find links to old posts in our blog. The method seemed to have worked without failure until today. Today we were looking for an earlier post critical of a paper by Francis Collins and Google never gave us the link, no matter how hard we searched for it. It is noteworthy that even after typing the entire title and adding ‘’ on the search box, we do not find the relevant post anywhere in the first several pages of the Google results. Is some organization paying Google to block our posts critical of NIH? We present the evidence from four search engines (google, duckduckgo, bing, yahoo). You explain what is going on.


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In the blocked post, we pointed out a 2015 JAMA paper by Francis Collins that made a convincing case for drastic reduction of NIH budget. How so? In the paper, Collins argued that US life expectancy increased over the years because of NIH. NIH deserves all credit in increase in life expectancy, provided the organization is also ready to take all blames for failure. Speaking of life expectancy, failure is what we have seen over the last 20 years.

In his paper, Francis Collins made the mistake of highlighting the increase in US life expectancy without comparing with other countries. Please take a look at the following chart that includes other countries, and tell us whether NIH had really been a success story under the leadership of Collins. More informative comparative figures are available in the blocked post linked above.

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