A Disturbing Rise in Heart Attacks Explained

A Disturbing Rise in Heart Attacks Explained

All over the world, people are noticing disturbing rises in heart-related problems among the young and healthy. This year, seventy five prominent athletes died suddenly of heart attack, and many others were sent to hospitals often in the middle of the matches. The problem has become so noticeable that this compiled video of athletes falling on the ground with heart problem went viral. In Australia, a top player with the Adelaide Crows was diagosed with pericarditis. In India, 29 year old former Indian U-19 cricket team captain died after suffering a cardiac arrest and so did 66 year old former cricket player Yashpal Sharma.

If you think the unthinkable that the covid vaccines were to blame for these heart-related issues, we have several reasons to argue otherwise. Even if hundreds of young people gets hospitalized after taking the shot like it happened in Vietnam, correlation is not causation. Science moves through consensus, and especially the fields of biology and medicine, always advanced based on established medical opinion. The current consensus among all biologists and doctors (paid by NIH and drug companies) is that the vaccines are safe, because they went through rigorous FDA approval process.

Therefore, let us stick to that consensus and instead explore a number of alternate explanations for this sudden rise in heart attacks.

Climate Change

USA Today argues that climate change is the leading cause of heart-related problems. This seems like a plausible explanation of the rise in heart diseases and more so, because the article specifically talks about “people of color”. Corporate media is always correct about the people of color.

Shoveling Snow

In the meanwhile, Canadians connected increasing risk of heart attack with shovelling snow. Nobody knows more about shovelling (as opposed to Americal shoveling) than the Canadians.

Canabis Disorder

Medical Express site explains “cannabis use disorder may be linked to growing number of heart attacks in younger adults”. Why not?

Post-pandemic Stress Disorder

Brits are instead finding life stressful, and connected increasing episodes of heart attack to post pandemic stress dirorder](https://www.standard.co.uk/news/health/post-pandemic-stress-disorder-heart-conditions-covid-london-physicians-b969436.html).

Post-covid Carelessness

Indians think post-covid carelessness is damaging heart.

Toxic Air Pollution

Then there is toxic air pollution.

Winter Holidays

and winter holidays.

Ultra-process Food

and ultra-processed food too.

Covid Itself

If every other explanation fails, why not blame covid itself?

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