The Best of 2021

The Best of 2021

Now that we are on the very last day of 2021, it is not too late to review the positives of the year. I picked four categories (humor, science, society, technology) and shortlisted a tiny subset from many deserving candidates.

1. Humor

JP Sears’ satirical youtube channel is excellent. If you have not seen any of his videos, start with - Why Life Jackets Should Be Mandatory!, What Southwest DOESN’T Want You to Know… and Why You Need a Second Life Jacket!.

2. Science

I will stick to Covid-related science only, because that has been the center of global attention for the last two years.

Here is my top source of information - Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity. I also follow a number of substack channels. The list is too big for here, but you can start with Steve Kirsch and Bad Cattitude.

I frequently visit this forum, where people share links from other sites and their personal anecdotes.

3. Society

When the pandemic started, scientists were at the front and center of attention. The mood is quite different now after the people coped with two years of incessant lying from the scientists (TM) starting with this Lancet article.

Science (TM) died in 2020-21, and a number of social observers filled the void. Here are my top recommendations - Jim Kunstler, Charles Eisenstein, John Michael Greer and C J Hopkins. You may also enjoy this interview on mass formation.

4. Technology

People are running away from Big Tech censorship of Twitter, Facebook, Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. For video posting, the alternatives being used are bitchute, rumble and odyssey. If you have to see just one video from these alternate platforms, watch this one.

For communications, I found Telegram to be an excellent platform so far. My emails are sent through zoho, but protonmail is also highly recommended.

For searches, I use yandex and duckduckgo. Remember, duckduckgo is not an independent search engine. It channels google and bing recults. Recently, I came across mentions of metager and swiss cows.

Best wishes to all of our readers for an exciting 2022. Happy New Year !!

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