SOAPdenovo2 Binary  is on SourceForge

SOAPdenovo2 Binary is on SourceForge

Two months back, we reported about trying SOAPdenovo2, BGI’s improved version of popular genome assembler.

SOAPdenovo2 and Other News from BGI

Testing SOAPdenovo2 Pre-release Version

Testing SOAPdenovo2 Pre-release Version II (pregraph_sparse)

Testing SOAPdenovo2 Prelease Version III

Testing SOAPdenovo2 Prerelease IV (building contigs)

Testing SOAPdenovo2 Prerelease V (map and scaff)

Using SOAPdenovo2 with SOLiD Sequences

BGI released the program at SourceForge. We received this email from BGI today

Dear All,

We’ve uploaded the binaries of SOAPdenovo2 to the SourceForge. Please visit link “” or search “SOAPdenovo2” in SourceForge.

Before the formal publish of SOAPdenovo2, it’s recommended to cite both the SourceForge website and the paper of the first version of SOAPdenovo to use SOAPdenovo2 in your study.

For any question, please do not hesitate to create a thread in the forum in the website and we will reply as soon as possible.

Ruibang Luo

We were mistaken about release of source code, because the name of the site is ‘SourceForge’, not BinaryForge. Something got ‘lost in translation’ :)

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