After SPAdes and Rosalind, Russians Fail Again

After SPAdes and Rosalind, Russians Fail Again

According to US media, Russians have not succeeded in doing anything right since the Sputnik and Gagarin days, and whatever small contributions they made went out of favor after the latest sanctions. USA’s most trusted Fox News asks Americans to start killing Russians, whereas Saturday Night Live mocks Russians by equating them with graves and cemeteries.

Therefore, it is no surprise that nobody uses Rosalind and SPAdes since Obama’s sanctions. Here is another Russian program that lost its market share.

Kaspersky Lab becomes the leader in anti-virus sales in Europe

The Kaspersky Lab (KL) became the leader in sales of information security software in Europe, having overtaken the previous leader Symantec. This was announced by the analytical firm GfK in its report. Kaspersky software especially popular in Germany, although in general protection software does not sell as well as before.

In January 2015, Europeans spent 25.2 million Euro on antivirus and other security software, or 10% less than in January 2014. KL took first place, with 34% of all sales. The second place took McAfee with 27% and Symantec with 25%. A year ago the situation was different: Symantec had 35% of the market, KL 30%, and McAfee 24%.

GfK studies retail sales and does not provide statistics on internet sales. KL has especially strong presence in Germany: in the space of one year the company increased its market share from 53% to 60%.

Please note that the internet is the primary mode of sales of Kaspersky Lab software, because most mainstream outlets in UK ‘sanctions’ it.

About Kaspersky -

Kaspersky developed an interest in mathematics during his early teens.[3] While still at school, he attended extracurricular classes in advanced mathematics and physics on a special course organized by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.[3] Later, after winning a math competition, he was selected for enrollment at an advanced technical school, the Kolmogorov Advanced Educational Scientific Center of Moscow State University, where he furthered his studies in physics and advanced mathematics.[3]

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