"PacBio Instruments - Are They Still Around?"

“You are the first person I sat next to in a flight, who reads PacBio papers. Are those instruments still around?” Asked the gentleman sitting beside me in the flight to Phoenix.

The experience was something unique to me as well. During my flying career spanning several decades, I got to sit with all kinds of people, including cops, grandmas without teeth, football players, dentists, ex-soldiers playing shooting video-games, grandmas with false teeth, families carrying screaming babies, screaming kids carrying parents, several flavors of overweight persons occupying half of my seat, but never two groups - (i) good-looking women, (ii) practicing bioinformaticians.

The gentleman explained that he worked on cancer at the Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix. He was on his way back from Seattle after attending the GO meeting and another cancer-related conference.

Whoever he is, we are dedicating our new PacBio tutorials to him. Few sections, such as the ones on HGAP and Quiver, will be completed soon.

Written by M. //