Collaborative Effort to Learn About Oxford Nanopore's Data Ends with Chase

Collaborative Effort to Learn About Oxford Nanopore's Data Ends with Chase

About a month back, Dr. Gerry H. of AssureRx Health asked in ‘Linked in’:

I am not trying to be mean here, but the small amount of data that they have shared is terrible, they only show data from a small portion of lambda phage, and the Mini-Ion, which I have used, produced poor quality results on the same prep that I used with Nextera chemistry from the MiSeq with Illumina quality scores of >40. Would highly recommend NABsys or NanoBio, although they have not produced compelling single nucleotide sequence data yet either that I have seen.

Has anyone produced compelling data from the Mini-ION?

A healthy discussion followed, with many others sharing their Oxford Nanopore experiences at the ASHG or asking for details from Dr. Gerry H. In fact, so many persons sent email request for data that he volunteered to build a website. The discussion was very constructive, but the end was not, as you can see from his recent comment.


I am incredibly frustrated. Having put together the content for a web site, and about to launch, with written permission from several companies, I have been contacted by several lawyers who say they will “take legal action” if I proceed (this is not BS). Is anyone going to either AGBT or the MMTC in SF? I would be glad to show you the data that I have in some kind of private setting at either meeting, but I am not prepared to get sued by some idiotic lawyers. If anyone has a better idea, let me know. I will at least be able to show some of the published data in a chapter for the 2nd edition of “NGS Informatics” by Stuart Brown.

Any and all constructive ideas are welcome, but if I get bashed here about this, then I would ask you to put yourself in my shoes, and think about how destructive and expensive lawsuits can be - Gerry

That surely appears to be a new way of doing science.


To be fair to Oxford Nanopore, we add Nick Loman’s disagreement about Dr. Gerry H.’s comment:


Does that mean he is lying about the entire thing, including attempt to build the website? We remain as confused by this saga as by Oxford Nanopore’s own claims.

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